Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Geopolitical Compass - Intro

Why the blog?

In the information age in which we live in, individual interaction with the greater world has never been easier nor so accessible. Within a few clicks and commands at relatively little cost and effort, an individual is able to paveway ideas that can inform, resonate and connect to other individuals with no indefinite, physical limit. In a sense, individuals have been able to create their own media; top-tier, transnational media organizations which spearhead the ship of globalization are becoming blunted by the proliferation of news sources across the globe in the public domain. In this regard, I felt it would be a shame not be part of such a phenomenon and being caught in vicious cycles of political thought and argumentum, I came to the conclusion that constructing a platform of my views on the anarchic, geopolitical world. Naturally, this is also perfect time to practice my writing as I'm currently reading a degree in International Relations with a post-degree objective of attaining work in client risk management in the context of political and security risk. My blog will be me "thinking out-loud" on the events that shape our society today, ranging from the rise of xenophobia in Eastern Europe, counterinsurgency in the Middle East, intelligence studies, operations to observing the shifts and swings of the balance of power between the nations that dominate international political discourse.

Why the name?
Geopolitical Compass aims to bring direction to International affairs 

Carl von Clausewitz's piece "On War" asserted the following quote "War is a mere continuation of policy by other means". War is the apex of basic evolutionary determination for survival, human nature and societal establishment. Politics, then, can be seen as the tension in a pendulum that oscillates between war and peace. "War" and "peace" are merely defined by the absence of adversary. As such, war and politics have an interdependent relationship to one another and are the oldest pillars of human society, excluding prostitution. The world in which we live in is a dangerous one as a direct consequence of self-interest on all tiers of society. The name for this blog stems from the ambiguous, ambivalent nature of politics and the loss of objectivity because of subjective, emotional dispositions that manifest themselves in the societal environment from which they are born.  This blog will encompass and apply the aforementioned quotation to the forum of political and strategic debate analyzing public policy across the globe. In a world of anarchy, it is foolish to not understand it and this blog will analyze the extent of Clausewitz's assertion in a multitude of paradigms which will navigate the complexities of the international world we live in today. Geopolitical Compass' objective is, therefore, to direct and lay the course of the international system, providing strategic, objective insight and perspective that dominate public opinion and concern the status quo.

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